Saturday, March 04, 2006

ePICAC at last

here is one of my latest designs for my production design class.
epicac is the large computer


James Tuer said...

Wicked atmosphere and description of size/space, O'K! I feel like because of the amount of golden "glow", you could go in on the layers beneath the actual glow and add roughly drawn, barely visible detail, to really add some more interest. I do like how it's a huge, empty space, but in my opinion a wee bit of detail would up the sophistication. Nice piece bro!

Anonymous said...

pat, it looks 'effing awesome.
so good to talk to you last night.
paint me a picture of Africa, 'cause i'm going there!

Andrew Shek said...

hey thnx for the comment, so I'm guessing you had MR.mac and Mr.z.....those were good times...

that green dude drawing is awesome

Trev said...

i like this piece patrick, nice stuff

Danesh said...

patrick wasssup man.. good to see you're doing some quality work.. sure you're well inspired up in b.c... keep it up! Send me your e mail man... mine is