Wednesday, August 23, 2006

africans, bikers and zombies....oh my....

yal' mostlikely wondering where i been, thats if you are still coming here to check out the same pieces, seeing as how i ain't posted anyting fresh in a month or so. well here is the lowdown. i recently art directed a short film and i am getting ready to do another, this new one takes place in africa, and deals with the morals of a north american doctor, when stuck in between a hard place and a car bomb. tuff times. after that, yup you guess it, zombies. I got a gig as an art director on a small feature all about zombies, it is my job to make sure the zombies look right, i willl be directing a small team of make-up artists to reproduce my designs into real life zombies. hot damn you say? trust me i kno. and as for the bikers, well that is a whole other story and you'll have to wait.
peace to everyone. hope you all had a great summer. and check out my brothers blog to the right, funniest shit you ever read. and i have a web disign company now with my buddy boston chris, check it out too.



askew said...

awk, zoombies!!

Anonymous said...

i swear that was under my bed the other night.
fuck, guelph has so many zombies 'cause we gotsta lotta fog.
i'm scared.
think there will be zombies when i'm in africa?