Wednesday, July 30, 2008

back to blogging

its has been a while since i stepped foot in here... but i am back.
I recently graduated and since i have moved on from my work as a storyboard artist for the animated series Viva Pinata and i am currently working with EA blackbox as a concept artist for one of their hit racing titles. As well, i am just about to complete a series illustrations for stainless steel water bottles soon to be available for purchase at your local MEC, so pick one up if you like (byers, there is one that is just for you). i will post illustrations asap

until then a illustration from my website will have to do.


The Curtis said...

great blog, really enjoy your work. very colorful and neat designs. im going to keep my eye out for more!

Chase Carr-Braint said...

no more killing. more love.

shits sweet as always. do you work on the computer nude? your images have that feeling