Sunday, April 11, 2010

sunday evening studies

Some lighting studies to get ready for another week. I have been on a new title at EA for the past few months and the lighting is mostly through practicals and its art direction is realism, like most big next gen AAA titles... So i thought i would do some organic lighting studies with a little of that animation styles i love so much. very relaxing.

On another note; i will be making my way back to Vancouver in May for the premiere of AVA, directed by my greatest friend Lucas Wareing. Then its down to LA with my boy, the ultra talented Chayse Irvin ( Chayse and i worked on several short films while i was in Vancouver, we made a good team, Chayse as the Director of Photography and myself as the Production Designer.

After LA i will be getting back to my work at EA Montreal on the above mentioned project, hopefully by then i will get to tell everyone what it is, and i will begin working on my first Montreal based short film with new collaborator Dave Pawsey and the rest of the Duplex crew (



Ben Lo said...

awesome Patrick, I really like that one on the top

James Tuer said...

Tight cousin! Can't wait to see ya next month

patiø said...

thanks Ben, how is Boston treating you?? your stuff is looking great too.

James, what are your plans for May, will you make it down to Van at all?

jeffrey said...

tings are lookin good man!

christopher said...

these are really great!